Ok so you decided you will try plugs instead of planting new sod, well I have some issues with that.  Putting in plugs is good only if you have the time to take care of the lawn and I am not saying your lawn spray man taking care of the lawn. This is going to take some time from you. If you ever planted plugs than you know how much work this is going to be. From a personal experience I planted plugs in my whole yard. It was very nice at first but then after a few weeks the work started to begin. First there was just a few weeds and then as the weeks go by there are weeds every where. So the work is in you pulling weeds in between the plugs every day. If this is wrong information than please some one comment because I might have been doing something wrong. You have to remember that spraying or putting down weed killer is hard to get to work because the plugs are so far apart. Ok so here is a little bit of information on floratam grass plugs.

Floratam St. Augustine Grass Plugs

•Improved Selection From Bitter

•Finer Textured Than Bitter Blue

•Beautiful Blue Green Color

A popular choice among Florida homeowners, Floratam is adaptable to many soil conditions. With a plush appearance, Floratam thrives in direct sunlight.

Description from Florida IFAS website: “Floratam is an improved St. Augustine grass that was released jointly in 1973 by the University of Florida and Texas A & M. Floratam is the most widely produced and used St. Augustine grass in Florida. It is a coarse-textured cultivar that has poor cold and shade tolerance. It will thin in direct relation to the amount of shade received. It grows vigorously in the warmer, but has a relatively long period of dormancy in north Florida and greens-up more slowly in the spring than some cultivars. It has some degree of chinch bug and SADV resistance, although new strains of chinch bugs that can damage Floratam have been identified. Floratam is tolerant of atrazine herbicides when temperatures are below 85°F.”

Floratam is a variety of St. Augustine selected for the control of St. Augustine Decline (SAD) disease. Floratam is a fast-growing, vigorous, dark green, broad-leafed St. Augustine grass. In areas where St. Augustine is subject to freeze damage, Floratam will be later to green up in the spring and is subject to severe winter kill. Floratam is highly tolerant to Brown Patch and to chinch bugs.

So I hope this information is useful to you if you are deciding to plant some plugs. I think it would be ok to plant some but not the whole lawn unless you are retired and have nothing better to do than to pick weeds.

Thank you again for reading… Please comment.