So you are in the market for a new lawn mower. The first question you have to ask yourself is how much money do I have to spend. Of course lawn mowers range in price from a few hundred dollars to three to four thousand. So its a good idea to know just how much you have to spend before you go shopping. I did a little research and came up with a few by popular demand.

But first you have to decide on what kind of lawn mower you are going to need. Need I say because this is going to matter if you have a small yard or a big yard. By big or small I mean, do you have a quarter acre or a one acre. Quarter acre I would go with the standard self-propelled and the one acre would be a rider, that’s just my opinion some people like to over do things so more power to you.

Types of lawn mowers would be the self-propelled, electric, riding, robotic and of course the mac daddy commercial mower. If your a guy I’m sure you liked the last one. Lets be honest we all want to get the job done fast so we can get back to the game. But remember the cost issue, commercial lawn mowers are very expensive.

Self-propelled mowers generally have more maintenance and repair issues than push mower. Many retailers have electric mowers if you don’t want to deal with the gas and oil of power mowers. Based on my experiences the electric mowers are not a good choice unless your grass never grows.

Toro and Honda are two of the most popular makers of lawn mowers.

The lawn mowers that are available on hand at you local retailers would be Toro, John Deere, Troy-bilt, and Honda. I may have missed one or two but please leave me your comments so I can add them.

Here is some information I pulled off line on some mowers.

Toro is the brand used by professional landscaper’s whose livelihoods depend on durable, trustworthy equipment. When you cut your yard with a Toro Recycle mower you get the same quality and reliability that professionals have relied on for over 90 years. Redesigned from the ground up, Toros most popular walk behind mower line offers more power and performance than ever. From the innovative the new Bag-On-Demand feature to the simplicity and performance of Toros exclusive Personal Pace self-propel system Recycle mowers are the right tool for homeowners who are really fussy about their yard. All backed by a new three-year power train warranty covering the engine and drive transmission for three full years.

The range of John Deere mowers goes from push mowers to riding mowers in just about any size you need for your lawn. The John Deere name has been a well known brand for many years. From residential to commercial mowers they sell what you need to get the job done.

he John Deere mower is made of cast aluminum to prevent rusting of the deck. The mower will keep the great look it had when you purchased it. The ability to life the blade system so they will be safe while transporting the mower is one of the features many people have come to expect from John Deere.
Ok so I hope this information helped a little and you can decide a Little easier. I can tell you that John Deere is probably the best selling rider today, I see them everywhere. They are not to costly and will last for years.
Please leave me your comments on this and any good information can be added, thank you again for reading.