Are you asking yourself these questions? Am I fertilizing enough? Is this the right fertilizer for my lawn?

Well I will try to answer some of these question here. So first lets look at the types of fertilizer you can buy. Fertilizer can be identified by their brand name. They are known by their grade such as 14-4-8 or 15-2-15.
The first number is the Nitrogen (N), second number is the Phosphorus (P), and finally the last number is the Potassium (K). These three are commonly called the primary plant foods. If all three are present this is a complete fertilizer. There also may be other plant foods in the fertilizer but these three make it a complete one.
The yearly fertilization program usually is a combination of one or two applications  of multiple nutrient fertilizers and supplemental applications of an N fertilizer.
K influences root growth and water, stress tolerance. Potassium should be applied at equal or one half the amount of N, such  as in a 15-2-15.  It is now recommended that  no more than half pound of nitrogen in the application be in soluble form. This means you should use a product containing no more than fifty percent of the total N in soluble form.
Let me just say that all my resources recommend a soil test before any fertilizer is used.
Moving on I have two different types of spreaders, first one is a drop type and the other is a rotary type.
Drop spreader has a advantage of applying a exact pattern. The rotary has a wider and less uniform distribution pattern.
Ok so I hope this helps with your fertilizing needs. Please comment because there is a lot of information on this subject and I will follow up on any questions you have. Thanks again for reading….