So your wondering about watering your lawn? I will be putting this information out to you in a couple of different blogs… so don’t forget to come back and read the following blog..

All plants require water for metabolic and physiological functioning. Although some lawns require less water than others. So remember to much water can also damage the lawn more than promote growth. Watering to much can promote your lawn to have soft spots which will cause your mower or the lawn service mower to leave ruts. Ruts are a whole other story or blog. I will be working on how to get ruts out of your lawn soon. So keep coming back for more information. Back to the topic at hand. Watering to much can also create a fungus on your lawn. Remember that the majority of homeowners over irrigate or irrigate incorrectly. Too much water damages the turf grass and often is the cause of lawn failure. If you have St. Augustine and you are over watering, you may see some excessive thatch, and is also susceptible to disease and insect infestation.

Short but to the point, and Part II is coming so please return to read, thanks again..